7 Signs You and Your Best Friend are Actually a Gross Couple

We all know friendships come in different packages, but my personal favorite is the Gross Couple Friendship. You know what I mean by gross couple: they finish each other's sentences, discuss one another in lovey-dovey tones, and like to pass their time with Eskimo kisses or debating who should be the first to hang up. … Continue reading 7 Signs You and Your Best Friend are Actually a Gross Couple

The Trust Between Boos

There comes a point in every lady bromance where you both slowly come to the sinking realization that you would kind of, sort of follow this person to the ends of the damn earth and shit (even if you both just happen to get there completely by accident), packing two sandwiches each for you both … Continue reading The Trust Between Boos

The Lady Bromance’s 2015 Resolutions

We here at Lady Bromance are full of dreams. Most of the time, these dreams are about chicken tenders, or T's burning, unquenchable thirst to kill Nazis (or, in Jayne's case, they're truly terrifying nightmares of the "what the fuck?" variety in which she's married to Fred Durst [which, incidentally, results in her coming up … Continue reading The Lady Bromance’s 2015 Resolutions