Boo Glossary

Boo (n) A best friend. See also: bestie.

No matter how much you beg, there’s no way I’m going to opening night of your play, Brad Pitt. I’ve got plans with my boo.

Boo Code (n) a code of conduct for true boos.

During lady dates, a boo must always serve her boo before herself. First to grab the serving utensil is it!

Boomate (n) your one true best friend. Like a soulmate, only cooler.

Girl, I love you, but there’s only one boomate for me.

Booniverse/Booverse (n) everything that exists in the realm of best-friendship.

Man, this gift you got me is the best thing in the known booniverse!

Cottage Week (n)  an annual writing retreat to an adorable small town where writing, drinking, and antics ensue.

I can’t wait to write the sequel to our novel while drinking from our matching mugs at Cottage Week.

Lady Bromance (n)  a term used to identify a particular type of female friendship, characterized by qualities most associated with certain male friendships (bromances), such as silliness, ribaldry, honesty, spontaneity, and a crude sense of humor/speech, among others. Used to bring attention to the fact that the qualities that make up a bromance are true in female friendships as well. Meant to highlight the fact that there is more to female friendships than what’s being portrayed.

Those two girls just turned what I said into a glorious double entendre and now they’re singing AC/DC karaoke! They must be in a lady bromance.

Lady Date (n) an outing for two lady friends that typically consists of traditionally romantic activities.

I’m excited for Friday when I’m going to dinner and a movie with my boo on our lady date!