About Our Novel

High school seniors Ally and Catch are on opposite sides of the fence; the school fence, that is – brought together by a pair of assless pants.

So begin the madcap adventures in Take On Me: A Lady Bromance, our 79,000-word, recently completed (but yet to be published) Young Adult novel. Set in contemporary San Francisco, California, ours is a book that turns the traditional idea of female friendships on its head, and sheds light on a different kind of sisterhood – one in which gossiping about boys is not as high up on the priority list as eating burritos.

Betrayed and publicly humiliated by her banshee of an ex-best friend on the day before graduation, quick-witted former immigrant and current “good girl” Olesia “Ally” Militskaya decides to skip out of the final graduation rehearsal and make a run for it, only to be stopped midway through her escape at the top of one of the school fences when her too-tight pants tear obscenely in the crotch. Assless and stuck, Ally is about to lose it. Enter Audrey “Catch” Catcher, a dedicated, misanthropic aspiring journalist and music enthusiast with a perma-smirk who knows all about making escapes – especially those pesky emotional ones. After Catch’s own flight from school leads her directly into Ally’s path and forces her reluctant helping hand, the two are catapulted into a single day of revenge and debauchery, self-realization and fulfillment. It is a single day that has them confronting their pasts, and takes them from strangers, to semi-accidental (okay, not all that accidental) delinquents, and finally, to best friends and two parts of a lady bromance.

Told in alternating chapters with Tatiana writing as Ally and Jayne writing as Catch, Take On Me is a novel of two young women in their own respective social fringes coming to terms with who they were, who they are, who they will soon become, and – most surprising of all – what they’ve come to mean to each other.

The full manuscript and sample chapters are available to interested agents and publishers upon request. We can be reached via our contact page.


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