About Our Novel

Sardonic budding journalist Audrey “Catch” Catcher is a mixed-Filipino girl flirting with more than one clean getaway—which is lucky because polished Russian-American aspiring writer Elena “Elie” Militskaya is a girl in accidentally-assless pants who’s in dire need of one.

On the eve of high school graduation, Catch is on the brink of foregoing an admissions offer from NYU, her late father’s alma mater and yet one more place in the world where she can’t escape his absence (but she’s coping fine, mind your business). When Catch slinks away from the final (useless) graduation rehearsal, she’s convinced this is the one escape she can make smoothly—until she finds her route to freedom blocked by Elie, who’s torn her pants helplessly in the crotch midway up a fence while fleeing a humiliating scene caused by her own best friend, leaving her doubly mortified, assless, and friendless (yet again—not that she’s counting or anything). After circumstances force Catch’s reluctant helping hand, the two concoct Elie’s epic revenge—but in order to enact it, they must go full-bore into a day of mayhem and debauchery, confront closely held insecurities from friendships past, accept long-standing pain from a father lost, and recognize what they’ve come to mean to each other.

Told in alternating first-person chapters with Jayne S. Wilson writing as Catch and Tatyana Sundeyeva writing as Elie, Take On Me: A Lady Bromance is a timely friendship love story for today’s bad-ass young women, set in San Francisco, California circa 2006. It is a buddy comedy injected with subtle heart and healthy nostalgia, spearheaded by two smart, shameless, and self-aware female leads. It is a story every girl has of how she met the one friend to rule them all.

We are actively seeking representation for our novel and the complete manuscript is available to interested agents and publishers upon request. We can be reached here.