The Secret Language of Boos

I notice it most on the rare occasions where T and I are hanging out with a larger-than-normal group of people (and by our standards, "larger-than-normal" really just means it's not just me and her romantically day-drinking Bloody Marys in the middle of a sunny weekday afternoon): someone will say something that is immediately found … Continue reading The Secret Language of Boos

When Your Boo’s Your Muse

Well, it's no secret that Jayne and I love to write.  And that we love to write together, hence our little writing retreats to those dreamy small towns. It's once we're back in the city that things get a little more difficult to orchestrate. There are errands, work schedules, and all kinds of other adult … Continue reading When Your Boo’s Your Muse

A Very Boolicious Soundtrack

So, occasionally, when I'm walking down a street that smells like urine, or on a bus that smells like urine, or standing in line behind someone who smells like urine, I try to nurture whatever zen I have left that hasn't been completely obliterated from years of tupperware-stored rage by imaging myself in my own … Continue reading A Very Boolicious Soundtrack

Is there anything better than daydreaming with your best friend?

I think one of my all-time favorite things to do with my boo, more than eating burgers or marathoning movies, is daydreaming. I think daily life has a good grasp on keeping us grounded in reality (read: crushing dreams) and judging by the number of memes about 20-somethings experiencing some kind of quarter-life crisis, I think … Continue reading Is there anything better than daydreaming with your best friend?