The Week in Review: April 7 – 13, 2014

Missed out on musings and debauchery from your favorite  lady bromance?
Don’t panic!
(I mean, DEFINITELY feel ashamed and shit, but don’t panic.)
The Week in Review is here to save the day with a recap of last week’s posts and a list of recommended links from the internet’s
Fiercest Power Couple!



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And now, without further ado…


1. To Boo or Not to Boo: How to Tell if She’s a True Friend:
Tatiana on the qualities to look for in the perfect boomate.

2. Ain’t No Bromance Like a Lady Bromance: The 4 Most Hilarious Jayne & Tatiana Moments:
It’s Boos vs. Nature, Traffic, and Self-Delusion in Jayne’s inside peek into the greatest friendship of all time. (That’s right. Of ALL time.)

3. Gather the Pieces: A Writer’s Process:
Ambitious first novels, a desire to make souls weep, and other such facets of the life of a young, modern writer are revealed in Tatiana’s personal look into her process.

4. Living With Your Best Friend: The Dos and Donts:
Tatiana maps out everything you need to know about Boo Cohabitation to ensure a healthy, happy, ever-bromantic home life with your bestie.

5. Mixtape Friday: Women Who Rock:
Jayne hand-picks four women in metal and rock who can belt it with the best of ’em and beat the crap out of you in a dark alley should you deserve it – all while being sexy as hell.

6. Leeches Be Scary: On Being Yourself:
Don’t be a second-hand carbon copy, and don’t let the second-handers get you down. Jayne encourages you here to just do you, bro – do you.

7. The Lady Bromance Guide to Home Defense:
Compiled by Tatiana, this is the only guide of its kind that will talk to you through our tried and tested methods for maintaining the safety of yourself, your boo, and your home, in the small towns of the world and beyond.


1. Reductress: Women’s News. Feminized.
The only website of its kind that makes successful, hilarious, and culturally significant satire out of the news, features, and general frivolity often found within the pages of women’s lifestyle magazines. Brilliant.

2. The Riveter: Riveting Storytelling by Women
Focusing on long-form journalism and personal narratives by women, for EVERYONE, The Riveter is truly changing the face of the predominantly male journalism industry. Huzzah!

3. The Official Blog for Things & Ink
Things & Ink is the only magazine I know of that’s dedicated to female tattoo culture: meaning no random centerfolds of half-naked tattooed chicks which seem to explicitly shout, “Hey, uh, we’re kind of a dude’s magazine. Sorry.” The blog is the heart of Editor-in-Chief, Alice Snape’s vision and is absolutely brimming with articles of interests to tattoo aficionados, collectors (such as myself), and the simply curious.


1. 10 Movies This Child of the ’80s Wants Her Kids to Learn From
This is a list of the 10 movies that one “child of the 80s” wants her kid to see. While I might fall under “babies of the 80s” (new band name!), I think this is a great list not just of classic, feel-good 80s movies, but one that really does have some great lessons that I wish I’d learned as an angsty teen. And, it’s kind of the perfect list of kicking off an 80s Movie Marathon with your best boo.

2. Countries of the World Quiz
This is a fun, timed geography quiz and it’s a great way for you to be reminded of how ignorant you really are. Yay!

3. 13 Kickass Literary Power Couples
A list of awesome literary couples! Yay! Ok, so Jayne and I may not be a couple in the romantic sense of the word, but I like to think we’ll someday join this lot of badasses.

Till next time on the Week in Review,

Party on, dudes!

– Jayne & Tatiana

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