The Week in Review: July 28 – August 3, 2014

Jayne is…


Currently eating: A Mocha Swiss Roll courtesy of my mom, who understands that it is ALWAYS time for dessert in Jayne Land.

Currently listening to: The Black Veil Brides and trying to decide once and for all how I feel about this band. Been hearing good things but haven’t formed a firm opinion yet. Will let all interested parties know by this week’s Mixtape Friday, I’m sure.

Currently wondering: If I should, in fact, pursue a career in human resource management, because my closest compadres have been telling me that it’ll make great use of my excellent managerial skills and my obsession with power – I mean, my love of humanity. Yeah.

Recently watched: The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal, consecutively in one sitting. Which is something I’ve never done before despite having seen both films, the latter of which I believe was extremely subpar compared to the former. Anyway, it got me thinking about Prion Disease and how it would’ve added an interesting layer to Hannibal’s character, because then you’d have this cause-and-effect conundrum about whether or not he was insane to begin with and that’s why he gets all cannibalistic, OR if it was all just circumstance (like, say, if he were a surgeon and he just got curious or licked his fingers after surgery and got a taste for it or something fucked up like that) and ingesting human flesh is WHY he’s unhinged. Because this is what I think about on lovely Sunday evenings, guys.

Recently discovered: That it is not a good idea to discuss one’s fascination with the psychological workings of serial killers with just anyone. People spook easily.

Recently agonized over: Finding just the right volume to put my Pandora stations on that won’t give the random advertisements the opportunity to scare the fuck out of me and further my descent into complete deafness.

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The Week in Review: July 6 – 14, 2014

 Tatiana is…

Currently eating:
 Labne–the Israeli yogurt/cheese spread that I now put on everything. I’ve also discovered that it complements Nutella marvelously on bread and bread-adjacent products, so I guess you can say my diet isn’t going well.

Currently listening to:  The hold speech on the after hours nurse helpline because I’m trying to figure out whether I should be alarmed at the continuing pain of my burned finger.

Currently wondering:  What the hell these nurses are doing, anyway? Is there some supermoon-induced epidemic they’re dealing with?

Recently watched: A crazy, probably drug-riddled dude rampage through the Castro destroying shrubbery, chasing people, and angrily smashing everything in sight. I enjoyed this from my front row view at a restaurant (whose tree out front was brutally violated) while I sipped a chocolate malt with the boo.

Recently discovered: The one variation of furniture placement I hadn’t tried in my bedroom and now that I’ve rearranged it, the result is GLORIOUS.

Recently agonized over: This damn pain in my finger. Seriously, what’s up with you, finger?

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The Week in Review: June 30 – July 6, 2014

Jayne is…


Currently eating: Fried tilapia and potatoes. Because sometimes I’m okay with the possibility of getting fish bones stuck in my throat as long as the fish is good.

Currently listening to: Peeping Tom. Anyone who loves Faith No More will get a kick out of this Mike Patton project.

Currently wondering: If the itch in my throat that I can feel creeping around is tonsilitis…oh god…it is, isn’t it?

Recently watched: Rewatched…The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. I’m kicking myself so hard for forgetting to bring this to Writing Retreat 2014 because T’s never seen it….and it is absolutely one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIES. And consequently the reason why I’m now super in the mood to read a Western. Lonesome Dove, I shall finally read you!

Recently discovered: That Dream Masters Tattoo ( is where I’m going to get my next – and largest – visible ink.

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The Week in Review: June 23 – 29, 2014

Tatiana is…

Ready for USA's world cup victory.
Ready for USA’s world cup victory.

Currently eating: Some homemade Russian food made of meat and potatoes that I’ve missed during my travels.

Currently reading: A collection of the best travel writing of recent years.

Currently wondering: If I have to trek Mt. Everest on a donkey to get published as a travel writer. Seriously. Is that what it’ll take? Cause I’ll tell ya now–I don’t like donkeys.

Recently watched: Fargo (the show, not the movie). I’ve developed a new appreciation for Martin Freeman beyond him being a wonderful Bilbo Baggins and an awesome Watson to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock. Mostly because of his gosh darn nice Minnesota accent.

Recently discovered: That Liam Neeson was 61 when he reinvented himself as an action star. 6-freakin-1. God help me, but that man looks good.

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