City Walk: Lessons From a 9 Mile Schlep

Yesterday, Jayne and I spent the entire day together, walking from one end of San Francisco to the other. Along the way, plots were hatched, adventures had, and insults grumbled towards clueless morons who walk four abreast on the crowded sidewalk. All in all, it was a 9 mile treck with far too many hills and too few beer breaks. Mostly it was an excuse to head to In-N-Out. Here’s what we learned:

9 mile route
That last loop was us foraging for food.

Beers are best shared with the elderly 

No one’s sassier than a grandmother who no longer cares what other people think. And if she’s the only gal at the bar on a Tuesday afternoon, then you better pull up a chair next to her walker and hear what she has to say. You might learn a thing or two about the neighborhood or the city as it used to be and at the very least you’ll be entertained.

It’s important to revisit old spots

Our walk took us past many old spots (unintentionally) such as our high school, the infamous Subway where our love really blossomed, and both of our old stomping grounds. Sometimes a little distance is important so you can revisit a place with a fresh outlook and see it with adult(ish) eyes. You never know what silly things you might remember or how the experience will put things in perspective.

Devious plans are best plotted together

There’s no wild plot that won’t be improved by your best friend’s input, whether it’s her suggestion to involve gremlins, your idea to have a temporary face tattoo to scare unsuspecting idiot guys, or her idea to start a campaign to hang out with LeVar Burton. (That last one’s happening.)

Keep it movin’ buddy. Nothing to see here. Nothing at all.

You’re never too old to discuss Buffy

Things take on new roles and shapes as we get older, so it’s a good idea to revisit old ideas, thoughts, and yes, entertainment. Me? I like to reevaluate my values every once in a while to see if I still feel the same way about them, to determine whether any new information has become available to me that might make me change my mind, and to play the Devil’s Advocate with myself (it’s so lonely). When my values stay the same, they are even stronger for it. But sometimes, outdated ideas (the Buffys)  must fall to the wayside to make room for newer and better ones (Veronica Mars. That’s right). And sometimes, your best boo realizes that Buffy is like Superman and Veronica Mars is Batman and it BLOWS YOUR MIND. (What? I can’t be the only one.)

A good long walk solves many things

It seems like long walks (and showers) are where I get my best ideas. There’s something about the fact that there’s no technology immediately in front of me (unless I’m tweeting and ‘gramming the good people of the internet with all the latest happs. That’s how the kids talk, right?) and my body is sort of on auto-pilot as I meander past rushing people, happy dogs, and wailing infants that frees my mind up to also meander and come upon new ideas. That’s one of the biggest reasons Jayne and I go on long Sunday Night Walks (the official title, more on that in another post). It lets us think of new things and having a best friend there who’ll support you when you want it and ground you when you need it is the best companion.

We are definitely not 18 anymore

EVERYTHING HURTS. Why does everything hurt?!





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