The Week in Review: April 28 – May 4, 2014

Tatiana is…


Currently eating: Some cupcake (I totally have a handle on my sweets addiction, guys) that I found out cost nearly $4. The 80-year-old woman inside me is appalled that someone could charge so much for a cupcake and have a line out the door (or so I’m told. I can’t bring myself to spend that much money on something I can bake for 50¢ [that’s the “cent” symbol, in case you haven’t seen it in a while]). Nonetheless, that was some rich, purdy frosting.

Currently listening to: Johnny Cash’s Out Among the Stars (on Jayne’s recommendation) and feeling all the emotions right now. All of them.

Currently wondering: Why no one uses the cent symbol anymore. Have we become too good for small change?

Recently watched: “This is 40” and hated every. single. moment. Normally, I love Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, but this movie had them be the selfish brat offspring of selfish brat parents, who birth self brat children. Everyone in this movie was an awful person who learned NOTHING from their troubles. There was no growth, no change, no redeeming qualities. Their children were awful in the movie because their movie parents don’t  know the concept of discipline (oh what a lovely world it would be if parents were more liberal with discipline) and they were pretty lame actors, even for children (thanks for casting your whole family, Apatow). Normally, I enjoy Apatow’s movies, but this one made me hate these people and everyone like them in the world. They are all awful and deserve to live in Siberia for a while to get some perspective on life (this is a program I’m going to start for spoiled, bratty human beings who lack perspective and common sense. Find it on Kickstarter!). Also, there was no real solution or learning. They’re going to continue being awful fictional people and that kills me.

Recently discovered: That the cent symbol totes still exists in the character map. Also, that there is a character map!

Recently agonized over: What the inaugural topic will be for my new Rage Wednesdays feature! So many infuriating things to choose from, I can just feel my blood pressure rising already.

Jayne is…

Currently eating: Tater tots. Crispy on the outside, warm and soft and potatoey on the inside – tater tots baked to per.fec.tion. I take my tots seriously and I’m not ashamed.

Currently listening to: In This Moment’s Blood album at a volume that ensures my neighbors’ hate for me runs deep, their wrath unyielding, and their anger destined to pass on from generation to generation.

Currently wondering: If the above is how family feuds start.

Recently watched: Or, rewatchedThe Sandlot. What’s ironic is that I know next to nothing about baseball (except that there are these things called RBIs, hits, runs, and batting averages. Do I have a clue what any of them mean? Not in a flying rat’s lucky day. But I sound like I could, don’t I?), but this movie was my favorite growing up. Every Saturday I would page my mom a secret numerical code we came up with which meant I wanted a Big Mac, McNuggets, and a McFlurry and would wait till she came home from work so I could eat gluttonous amounts of fast food while watching it. (This is also the story of how Jayne became Jumbo Jayne.)

Recently discovered: That the “creek” referred to in the title Dawson’s Creek is a metaphor. A metaphor that died of loneliness.

Recently agonized over: T being unresponsive to my texts, which immediately prompted an influx of paranoid thoughts about worst-case scenarios involving kidnapping, car accidents, skunk maulings, and anti-Russian Mob radicals.

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Party on, dudes!

– Tatiana & Jayne

3 thoughts on “The Week in Review: April 28 – May 4, 2014

  1. So, can I just say I love your blog! I love that you two are in cohoots together! It is wonderful! continue on with your ladymance!!

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