Jayne is an Idiot

I won't lie to you guys. Even if I was a remotely decent liar (which I'm not [there goes my future as an international spy]), I still wouldn't lie to you, because you're reading what I'm writing (even though I take fucking forever to get to my actual fucking point [like now] and every other … Continue reading Jayne is an Idiot

The Boos on Gilmore Girls

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever read anything we write that Jayne and I fantasize about small town life together. Every summer we run off for two weeks of blissful cottage living where we make breakfast, write all day, and frighten the locals with our big city ways. We have … Continue reading The Boos on Gilmore Girls

The Lady Bromance Does Friendsgiving

T and I love this time of year. For the awesome winter clothes (EVERYONE LOOKS ADORABLE IN PEACOATS IN PARKAS!), the presents (FUCK YEAH FREE STUFF!), and the whole higher purpose of generosity and good will towards your fellow man, of course (GO,  FELLOW MAN!). But mostly, we love it because it's six weeks worth … Continue reading The Lady Bromance Does Friendsgiving