The Lady Bromance Does Friendsgiving

T and I love this time of year. For the awesome winter clothes (EVERYONE LOOKS ADORABLE IN PEACOATS IN PARKAS!), the presents (FUCK YEAH FREE STUFF!), and the whole higher purpose of generosity and good will towards your fellow man, of course (GO,  FELLOW MAN!). But mostly, we love it because it’s six weeks worth of excuses to get gloriously, euphorically fat. (The kind of fat that T and I probably would’ve gotten if we’d been roommates in college and were abetting each other’s vices and addictions 24/7 with zero fucks given to self-control.)

The opening bell for impending Fatdom sounded last week with Thanksgiving and its Booverse counterpart: Friendsgiving. (I sort of resent that “friendsgiving” has suddenly become this super popular social media phrase, because I’m pretty sure T and I were totally the ones who coined it a few years ago; but whatever, feed off our genius world! I guess….)


Now, in the past, T and I have had glorious home-cooked feasts on this most sacred of Boo holidays (Boo-lidays!). There’s been tri-tip, scalloped potatoes, Filipino egg rolls courtesy of my mom, and even summer salads and swiss chard (obligatory green things so that we may better fool ourselves into thinking we’re just hitting all the points on the food pyramid). This year, though, our crazy-ass schedules forced us to restrategize and get somewhat creative – and we opted for Friendsgiving brunch instead!

Apart from devouring the mountain of pure, unadulterated gluttony pictured above (we even shared a side of French toast, because we’re romantic like that), Friendsgiving was – as always – a special little pause where we took stock of our awesome, bad-ass, incomparable friendship. We may not have shared what we were each thankful for (because, honestly, are we the only ones who have to fight not to roll our eyes every time someone suggests doing that?), but that’s because we do a pretty kick-as job of showing each other we’re thankful for the other one’s existence everyday. Instead what we shared were hilarious stories of work woes and, per usual, we imagined plans for further success.

And now, with the holiday season fully underway, T and I are pretty thrilled about taking part in another sacred tradition: unstoppable online shopping, during which we feel compelled to text the other one every time. We’ve already started:



– Jayne

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