Me, My Selfie, and Boo

I, personally, am not one for the selfie. Maybe it's because every selfie of mine comes out like a macaque fumbling with a camera, but I've never been fond of taking the time to point a camera at myself and declare to the world--HARK! tis I and my hair looks amazing today! Maybe that's because … Continue reading Me, My Selfie, and Boo

Best Jayne & Tatiana Moments: The Dancing Bro-Hug

T and I have a pretty sweet track record when it comes to our annual Writing Retreats. During Year One, she finished her first novel while I successfully discovered the wonders of drinking beer-and-coke at all hours of the day; during Year Two, we co-authored and completed our kick-ass YA novel (and in just two … Continue reading Best Jayne & Tatiana Moments: The Dancing Bro-Hug