Me, My Selfie, and Boo

I, personally, am not one for the selfie.

Maybe it’s because every selfie of mine comes out like a macaque fumbling with a camera, but I’ve never been fond of taking the time to point a camera at myself and declare to the world–HARK! tis I and my hair looks amazing today!

Maybe that’s because my hair rarely looks amazing. Who knows.

But between the annual selfie death rate and the duckface horror selfies have wrought, I have always strayed away from turning that front camera on myself.

Now, Boo and I are in the habit of sending each other pictures of our day-to-day goings on whenever we see something silly or delightful.

Like this coconut jam that knows what it's all about.
Like this coconut jam that knows what it’s all about.


But Boo and I realized that our jobs keep us apart (all tragically and Shakespeare-like) and that the best way to feel connected is with a little face time, even if that face is a few inches tall and accompanied by one cheeky sentence.

So I sucked up my anti-selfie opinions and decided that, like the great Meatloaf sang, I would do anything for love. Even selfies.

And we decided to start sending each other daily selfies. I gotta say–it was a great idea.

Now, if I ever feel like I’m drowning in my work, I look at my phone and see a friendly face telling me everything’s all right.

Or telling me that she’s about to be eaten by a giant mouth.


Whatever. It makes my day, all the same.

So I started fumbling with my phone’s front camera like a cave dweller seeing daylight for the first time.

tanya in the office

And soon, Boo and I got a whole thing going.

Of course, Jayne’s worst selfie day is my best, so I have much to learn.

It's been an uphill battle.
It’s been an uphill battle.


During my most stressed-out moments this year, Jayne’s selfies have served to bring me back to sanity with a giggle (ok, chortle) and have given me little glimpses into her daily life as a commuter, a career woman, and occasionally as a freaking model.

Case in point.
Case in point.


It reminds me that I’m not alone, that my cheeseburger-craving head-banging book-loving LET’S-HAVE-A-POTTERTHON-AND-EAT-CHICKEN-TENDERS-UNTIL-WE-CAN’T-LOOK-AT-FOOD-ANYMORE best boo has my back.

But most of all, I love that Jayne will indulge my weird ideas and take the time to look goofy in public so that our love may dwell eternal even when we are apart. Whoa, that just got Shakespearean again.

So, if you feel like selfies are destroying the world a la Kim Kardashian’s book of selfies, just know that somewhere out there, they’re actually doing some good.

Like keeping the flames of this lady bromance burning for eternity. Whoa.

boos at the wedding


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