The Week in Review: May 5 – 11, 2014

Jayne is…


Currently eating: Homemade Nutella donuts. That’s right. Nutella. Donuts. They said it couldn’t exist. They said it was impossible. They said such a love would never know life on Earth. HA! FOOLS! Y’ALL DON’T EVEN KNOW THE EXTENT OF MY GENIUS! (Don’t worry, boo, I’ll make and pack some for our writing retreat next month!)

Currently listening to: The Misfits’ Static Age album and reliving the Dark Ages. I write about music here pretty frequently (if you haven’t checked out Mixtape Friday, then there has been a huge, gaping void in your life – you just didn’t know it) and have posted not too long ago about how I find the perfect soundtrack to be an integral part of my writing process, both in terms of setting the right mood, and getting me in the right character. My current novel project – which I have nicknamed “The Magnum Opus” and “Me Manifesto” (I was going to do with “Great White Whale” or “My Everest” but Moby-Dick and I don’t get along too well and I’ve called far too many things “My Everest” and hate being predictable) – is a Young Adult contemporary based pretty heavily on my personal coming-of-age. This Misfits album – particularly the song “Some Kinda Hate” – was constantly in my stereo at the time, so it seems only fitting I revisit it again while I say hello to some old closet skeletons (‘sup, guys?).

Currently wondering: What it’d be like to hang with Glenn Danzig. I’d start a campaign to make it happen, but I’m focusing all my energies on one day hanging out with LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow fame, AKA my childhood hero. And I’m failing gloriously at it. Sigh.

Recently watched: These videos of librarians parodying songs. I FEEL SO VINDICATED AND VALIDATED. Because it’s finally proof of my long-held theory that librarians are THE COOLEST.

Recently discovered: A wayward blue sock abandoned in the washer where I had just tossed my whites. I now have the wardrobe of a Care Bear.

Recently agonized over: Whether an insane amount of bleach could possibly reverse the Care Bear wardrobe problem. Keep your fingers crossed for me, guys!

 Tatiana is…

IMAG0712Currently eating: Yet another Twix bar. It’s my snack for when I watch Game of Thrones, and it’s been a long and stressful episode, ok?

Currently listening to: Klezmer music. Ever since it was pointed out to me that Jason Derulo’s song, “Talk Dirty” (which otherwise sucks ass, in my humblest of opinions) has a Klezmer chorus (which is bitchin’), I’ve been on a Klezmer/Balkan kick, getting in touch with the music of my peoples.

Currently wondering: How on earth a Klezmer song made its way into whatever genre Jason Derulo and 2Chainz (I believe that’s his name. I’m so out of it I don’t even…) occupy.

Recently watched: Besides Game of Thrones, *Twix crunch* I recently caught up on How I Met Your Mother (more out of stubbornness than anything, because I’d actually stopped in early season 8 when it got too whacky and pointless for me, but I was so frustrated that they led me so long without meeting that goddamn mother that I watched it out of spite. That’s how they get ya). I regret everything.

Recently discovered: That Jayne will forgive me for not liking the book she lent me earlier, A Visit From the Goon Squad. No reason, it’s just not my style. Something about most contemporary writing just doesn’t resonate with me. Maybe it’s my old soul. Yeah, that must be it.

Recently agonized over: The fact that I’ll be out of the country for nigh on three weeks and will be BOO-LESS FOR SO LONG IT HURTS.


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Party on, dudes!

– Jayne & Tatiana

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