Mixtape Friday (On Saturday!): 7.19.14

So, I've decided to do something a little different with Mixtape Fridays from now on. Instead of thematic playlists, it's going to look like this: For when washing the dishes by hand makes you feel like a pilgrim... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIlCrhj7mpM ...Hank Williams III's "Straight to Hell" will make you feel like you're back to a point … Continue reading Mixtape Friday (On Saturday!): 7.19.14

Mixtape Friday: Songwriters – Will Sheff

Because T and I are living in a tiny, adorable town heavily populated by pick-up trucks, tree houses, porch swings, and extremely relaxed, surprisingly nonchalant deer, I find myself embracing a little bit more country in my usual repertoire of a little too much rock 'n' roll. (And not just in music.) And while I'm … Continue reading Mixtape Friday: Songwriters – Will Sheff

Mixtape Friday: Kick-Ass Covers, Part Two

About thirty seconds after I officially published the first "Kick-Ass Covers" edition of Mixtape Friday, T texted me with, "Dude, you've definitely gotta do a part two," and proceeded to remind me of all the songs that I'd declared to her in an all-knowing exclamation of glee to be "an excellent cover!" over the past … Continue reading Mixtape Friday: Kick-Ass Covers, Part Two

Mixtape Friday (On Saturday!): Ego-Boosting Songs

Yesterday, I took a personal day off from life. I stepped outside my T-less isolation and went out into the world to have lunch, check out books and music, and just get some fresh air and clear my head. Everyone has days where they feel like throwing on their largest, most over-sized sweater and hiding … Continue reading Mixtape Friday (On Saturday!): Ego-Boosting Songs