The Week in Review: May 12 – 18, 2014

Tatiana is…


Currently eating: An almond croissant from my favorite supplier. My taste buds are finely tuned so no mediocre almond croissant will do. Only the fluffiest, with the most powdered sugar on top for me!

Currently listening to:  Everything I can get my hands on by Stromae, particularly Racine Caree. I’m currently listening to it because I’ve been currently listening to it for many moons now and I just. can’t. stop.  Stromae shows a huge variety in influences and he pulls them off wonderfully, integrating them seamlessly into his signature electronic style. Everything from (what my untrained ears perceive as) African influences to (what my trained ears recognize as) the aria from Carmen. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he reveals himself to be an absolutely charming, down-to-earth, thoughtful, and intelligent artist (ahem… what crush?) as seen in this interview he did in Romania, among others. My favorite song on the album though is “Formidable” which I play pretty much every time I’m in the car and then proceed to embarrass myself by belting out the lyrics with real gusto, much to the horror of other drivers (and my passengers).

Currently wondering:  Why Stromae doesn’t come to perform in San Francisco so I can embarrass myself by belting out the lyrics with real gusto in person.

Recently watched: The first episodes of House of Cards and was totally seduced by the power (she admits shamefully). No wonder Jayne wants to rule the world (er.. was that too giving away too much of our plan?).

Recently discovered: This disturbing attraction to power.

Recently agonized over: How many people don’t realize they’d be better off if I just made all their decisions and otherwise ruled the world.

Jayne is…


Currently eating: Hashbrowns and sausage links literally DROWNING in Tapatio because I like my meals to be as spicy and saucy as me. (See what I just did there?)

Currently listening to: Volbeat’s Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies album, getting all riled up like my aspiring warlord self (just kidding, guys…I don’t already have an intimidating name – *cough*The Dragon*cough* – or a secluded area in the jungles of the Philippines picked out or nothin’…), and thinking about how I’d much prefer to be an Outlaw Lady than a Shady Lady.

Currently wondering: If “Outlaw Lady” would make a great name for a band (or at least a two-decades-too-late screen name for AOL Instant Messenger [does that shit even still exist? {answer: yes, apparently}]). Answer: Always.

Recently watched: Dead Poets Society for the millionth time and am now anxiously awaiting the perfect opportunity to scream, “TO INDEED BE A GOD!” (I just spent the better half of an hour trying to find a clip of the scene I’m referring to on YouTube, to no avail. For those who haven’t seen Dead Poets Society, the line, “To indeed be a God!” is called out – rather triumphantly and dramatically – by Charlie Dalton, my absolutely favorite character in the movie. Just watch it, you’ll know why.)

Recently discovered: That I know the entire “We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute,” speech by heart. Whoa.

Recently agonized over: The fact that T’s going to be so far the hell away from me for three whole weeks. She’s only been gone for, like, a day and already I am feeling all kinds of withdrawal. (It’s also kind of creepy because she wrote all her posts for the next three weeks ahead of time and have them scheduled here [including her half of this Week in Review], so it’s like there’s a Phantom of the Blog just kind of lovingly lurking about. Not that I mind or anything. ‘Sup, Phantom T?)


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Party on, dudes!

– Tatiana & Jayne

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