The Perks of Cohabitating

I’ve talked about the proper cohabitating etiquette for best friends, but let’s be honest: that stuff is all secondary to the perks of living with your  best boo. Here are a few of the fun perks that make my annual cohabitation with Jayne (at Cottage Week) the best thing ever. You have:

Someone Who Indulges Your Crazy

Some of us hate the dark. No, we’re not scared of it or anything (nothing’s lurking there…or so they want me to think) but maybe we just don’t like it, ok? Maybe we have developed a little ritual with our best friend that requires as little time as possible to be spent in the dark. Like, one of us gives the other time to go to her room before she hits the switch and runs to her own bedroom. Only your best friend would find those kind of quirks reasonable.

Someone Who’s an Automatic Partner in Crime

Your best friend is likely the only person crazy enough to think your dumb ideas are awesome, which is why she’s the only person who’ll go pick out a toy water gun from the store for your annual water gun fight (yes, I have a feeling it’s going to be an annual thing) and not judge you for acting like you’re ten again. And this applies to all the stupid, fun ideas you both have.

Pictured: my partner in crime.

Someone Who Understands You

Every best friendship has its own language full of nuance and history that would sound absolutely ridiculous to outsiders. That’s why I’m not going to tell you ourlanguage. Just kidding, guys, I totally will–but in another post. Here I’ll just mention that  it’s great not having to explain every little thing to each other, and being able to just grunt or announce, “Sock O’Clock!” and have your boo totally understand what you mean. And living together means you can basically do away with regular English and make the switch to Boo-speak at home.

Someone Who Can Anticipate Your Needs

Whether this means making eggs and bacon before your hungry boo wakes up, not putting ice in her drink because you know she has sensitive teeth, or hiding the stash of Hi-Chews because you know your bestie has reached critical candy mass (but can’t stop eating), you look out for each other and anticipate your best friend’s needs. And that’s quite nice: knowing that there’s someone to look out for you at home.



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