The Week in Review: May 19 – 25, 2014

Jayne is…


Currently eating: My weight in chocolate-covered strawberries – perhaps one of the very few desserts in this cold, cruel world that I can trick myself into believing is even remotely good for me.

Currently listening to: “Hells Bells” by AC/DC on my Volbeat Pandora station. In general, I really dig Pandora, but sometimes I don’t think the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons really do what they’re theoretically supposed to. Because if they did, Five Finger Death Punch definitely wouldn’t be coming on my station anymore, and they’d be giving me more Pantera instead. Get with it, Pandora.

Currently wondering: Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? (No, but, for real though – cuz I used to really enjoy that shit as a kid.)

Recently watched: A whole fuck-ton of The IT Crowd, on T’s recommendation. She and I are obviously Moss and Roy, but we haven’t yet distinguished which of us is whom. Another mission for this year’s writing retreat! (Which, by the way, is set to go down in less than a month – WHAT UP!)

Recently discovered: A whole bunch of kick-ass Advanced Reviewer Copies (ARCs) of upcoming books at work ; I have now taken to stacking them on my dresser because the sheer amount of books I have in my possession now outnumbers the shelves I own. Hello – my name is Jayne, and I am a bibliophile. (Hi, Jayne!)

Recently agonized over: My next tattoo. It’s going to be GLORIOUS, guys!

Tatiana is…

IMAG0910Currently eating: Entirely too much food.  

Currently listening to: My alarm clock (app) go off. I’ve called it my “Old Man Alarm” because it’s starts off with a few quiet, dreamy piano notes that feel like they belong in a French film about an old man who’s looking out the window and contemplating his life and how much the world has changed since he was a boy.

Currently wondering:  What I’ll be like as an old man… er.. What I’ll be like old. Hopefully I’ll be the sassy grandma who tells it like it is.

Recently watched: Silicon Valley, and if I haven’t already raved about it, here I go: Mike Judge is the fucking man, man. He delivers another solidly hilarious show that just  makes me want to rewatch Idiocracy for like the 5th time. He very much gets this slice of life in the Bay Area spot on. The cast is superb. The lines are super quotable. And everything just feels so true. Those are my favorite kinds of comedies.

Recently discovered: That I spend too much time window shopping on Zappos. I’ve found myself navigating to the tab every time I take a break from work and it’s not healthy.

Recently agonized over: Whether it’s possible to be blacklisted by Zappos for returning too much stuff? I JUST CAN’T HELP IT IF IT DOESN’T FIT. It’s really the important things in life that keep me up nights, you guys.


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Party on, dudes!

– Jayne & Tatiana

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