The Week in Review: June 2 – June 8, 2014

Jayne is…


Currently eating: About 5 to 8 homemade tacos. I say 5 to 8 because I fear knowing the real number would cause the general public to regard me with the highest level of disgust. A girl’s gotta keep a little mystery about herself, yo.

Currently listening to: Mark Lanegan. I’m in a quiet kind of mood, and the man’s got one hell of a coffee-and-cigarette baritone that perfectly suits it. This song is a current favorite:

Currently wondering: How possible it would be to request tacos as my last meal before death, especially if one assumes I’ll be resigned to a feeding tube at that point. T, make sure someone gives me my tacos, or else they’ll find themselves haunted by the weirdest, most cunning ghost for the rest of their lives. (A ghost who will put them in all kinds of compromising positions and ensure a healthy number of witnesses.)

Recently watched: The third series of Sherlock on Netflix. I was sure what to think about it at first, being a huge fan of the original books and stories and all that. But I actually find this adaptation to be highly entertaining and true to what I believe to be the most important parts of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters and tales. (And also, Watson and Sherlock’s bromance almost rivals that of mine and T’s. Almost.)

Recently discovered: That the easiest way to sabotage oneself is to believe that one is capable of packing lightly for a two-week trip into the Wild.

Recently agonized over: The ever-decreasing possibility to being able to properly shut my suitcase. Wish me luck, people!

Tatiana is…


Currently eating:  This entire bag of Sour Patch kids. I’m preparing for the candy Olympics of Cottage Week.

Currently listening to:  Mina, whose rich, jazzy voice always soothes me. Her Platinum Collection album has pretty much every song of hers that I love (particularly Fa Qualcosa and L’importante e’ Finire).

Currently wondering: Whether a suitcase full of clothes is enough for two weeks, or maybe I should make it two suitcases–just to be safe. I underpacked for my trip abroad, so I may be overcompensating just a smidge.

Recently watched: A terrible Italian rom-com called “The Swindler Prince” that I actually enjoyed and found delightfully light-hearted. It was on a flight, ok? Don’t judge me.

Recently discovered: How to say a few phrases in Hebrew. And also that learning to count to ten in a new language is a deeply humbling experience.

Recently agonized over: Which books to bring with me to Cottage Week. So far, the count is at 5, but there are so many other great contenders.


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Party on, dudes!

– Jayne & Tatiana

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