The Lady Bromance Goes Native

This Cottage Week, Jayne and I have resolved to try new things and try to mingle more with the locals. Sure, we’d be doin’ all that hard work we came here for, but you gotta let loose once in a while, right?

Hard at work absolutely not posing even a little.
Hard at work and absolutely not posing even a little.

After all, all work and no play makes Jayne a maniac who laughs pointlessly into the night with a beer in her hand (ok, I was laughing too). Besides, we really wanted to see more of the town. So, we checked out some of their local events, like Trading Day (not to be confused with Training Day, when all the corrupt hoodlums of the town adopt proteges). We found a lot of great little gems.

Like this Hobbit hole and an old-timey telephone WHICH I MUST OWN.
Like this Hobbit hole and an old-timey telephone WHICH I MUST OWN.

We wandered around wishing we’d actually brought some cash and checked out all the wonderful knick-knacks that the town has hoarded over the years. Particularly, all the ammo belts and holsters.

So then, we decided to try to blend in a little with the locals and headed to our local Boot Barn.

It went well.
It went well.

We figured that if the people here can walk around with cowboy boots and hats unironically, so can we. So, we made the investment of two very fine cowboy hats and felt like real cool gals, struttin’ around town tipping our hats at all the folks. We liked it so much, we decided to adopt the whole cowboy lifestyle, but since we didn’t have a campfire or horses or even a can of beans, we decided to enjoy an all-American rite of passage and make smores instead.

We also didn't have sticks.
We also didn’t have sticks.

Finally, we realized it was time to get serious and get back to work.

Nothin’ like a hard day’s labor to work up the appetite for smores.

Happy summer, y’all!





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