The Week in Review: June 16 – 22, 2014

Jayne is…


Currently eating: Left-over pizza from the local, old-timey pizza parlor (and grumbling under her breath about how a tall glass of milk totally goes with pizza and everyone is just missing out).

Currently listening to: Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All album. (Relax, NSA. I ain’t baiting you!)

Currently wondering: How many times I’ve mentioned the NSA on this website and if my attempts to calm their tits have actually done any good.

Recently watched: Pulp Fiction for the first time in several years – and it’s every bit as good as it was when I first watched it. Quentin Tarantino, you brilliant little weirdo.

Recently discovered: That my clumsy ass is still capable of tripping over nothing and consequently falling over a chair in slow motion. I wish T had caught this moment on tape.

Recently agonized over: What the hell my next post could possibly be about. And I still have no clue in the flying rat’s blue ass. I MEAN, JUST KIDDING, I’M TOTALLY JUST TRYING TO KEEP YOU ALL IN SUSPENSE. YEAH.

Tatiana is…


Currently eating: Who said I’m currently eating something? What are you trying to say, that I’m always eating? Are you calling me fat? Jeez.

Currently reading: The Accident by Elie Wiesel (well actually, the whole trilogy) because I like to be a masochist on vacation. It just feels like I haven’t earned a good rest until I’ve really suffered in my soul.

Currently wondering: How the US is going to do against Germany on Thursday. Also, whether I can find a good seat for the game at our local pub or whether I’m going to have to muscle out some bandwagon posers.

Recently watched: The Italy vs Uruguay match, and then the replay of Suarez biting Chiellini on the shoulder, over and over and over again.

Recently discovered: That Suarez was nicknamed “The Cannibal.” Hehe.

Recently agonized over: America’s tie with Portugal. We were so close. We were so fucking close. I firmly believe that there’s a whole lot of anti-America bias among the referees. IT’S ALL A CONSPIRACY!


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Party on, dudes!

– Jayne & Tatiana

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