Miss us?

Man, that was a long nap. Can’t believe no one woke us up.

So, why were we hibernating and what happened while we were in the great metaphorical cave?

Well, first of all, I got a new job–which means a lot of walking around in downtown San Francisco and pretending like I’m going somewhere very important while I’m really trying to get to the nearest bakery for some post-lunch cookie action.

But mostly it means less opportunities for bromance, which is why Jayne and I have taken drastic measures to increase our bromance quotient by implementing Sunday night dinners.

Oh, and I got engaged, which means I have naturally saddled Jayne with the responsibility of being the Maid of Honor–a job she is performing so well I think this may be where her warlord career starts. I think bridesmaids everywhere suddenly felt an unnatural chill when Jayne accepted her new position of power.

Then, of course, came our birthdays. Jayne threw me a surprise dinner, which was actually the first time anyone’s given me a surprise party of any kind, and it was AWESOME. And not just because we ordered like 3 different kinds of dessert.

Here’s us getting all cozy at dinner.

So, all in all, it’s been eventful. We’re looking forward to a year of Sunday night dinners, bachelorette parties, frienniversaries, lady-dates, book-writing, vengeance-plotting–wait, huh? what? who said that?–and pretty much just constantly inspiring each other to do cool stuff.

Oh yeah, and churro s’mores.

c/o applebees.com


You heard us–churro s’mores.




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