In Which it is the New Year!

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE LADY BROMANCE! T and I hope you all ate your weight in everything unhealthy, indulged in spoiling yourselves and the non-assholes around you, and are looking forward to the better and brighter (I hope!) year ahead! We've been operating under radio silence chiefly because we've been busy … Continue reading In Which it is the New Year!

The Lady Bromance Does Friendsgiving

T and I love this time of year. For the awesome winter clothes (EVERYONE LOOKS ADORABLE IN PEACOATS IN PARKAS!), the presents (FUCK YEAH FREE STUFF!), and the whole higher purpose of generosity and good will towards your fellow man, of course (GO,  FELLOW MAN!). But mostly, we love it because it's six weeks worth … Continue reading The Lady Bromance Does Friendsgiving