Bromance In the Time of Romance

Today, I sent Jayne this bromantic photo session of a groom and his best man and we agreed that this is obviously something our relationship needs, what with the meatloaf deliveries and the slumber parties. (Don’t worry, faithful Lady Bromancers, whenever that happens, we will definitely post the photos here first).

But this also got me thinking about where our lady bromance fits into the romances in our lives. I mean, obviously, our love is hard to compete with.

I mean, just look at this handsome couple.
I mean, just look at this handsome couple.


We know it’s intimidating, especially when our reputation precedes us.


So, we understand it can be tough for our romantic companions to compete with a love this deep. Of course, it doesn’t help that anytime one of us wants to do something our men don’t want to do (like stuff our faces with pasta or have a Potterthon or drink milkshakes til we can’t feel feelings), we just say, “Oh, it’s ok–I’ll just go with boo.” That definitely sparks a reaction.


But the key to a successful relationship is knowing that these boos come first (#boobsbeforenoobs) and that’s just a fact of life that you have to come to terms with. Yes, sometimes that means we’ll go out on fabulous ladydates and take adorable selfies sharing a milkshake, or arrange for fireside readings in the English countryside, or plan future events that directly involve you, the Romantic Companion (or RomComp, as you shall henceforth be known).

Screenshot_2015-03-07-13-57-57 Screenshot_2015-12-10-10-11-52
Just remember that there’s plenty of room in our hearts for both. So, thank you RomComps for tolerating our weirdness and understanding that this is a love for the ages.


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