In Which it is the New Year!


T and I hope you all ate your weight in everything unhealthy, indulged in spoiling yourselves and the non-assholes around you, and are looking forward to the better and brighter (I hope!) year ahead! We’ve been operating under radio silence chiefly because we’ve been busy doing all of the above (and also because we both got real busy at work and I got totally shat on by finals), but I return to you now (at the turn of the tide) with words and pictures about the following:

I won this thing!


See, here I am! (Does my internet paranoia come across clearly enough in this screenshot?)


And, like most amazing things that happen to me, I’m convinced none of it would’ve been possible without boo (and James Patterson’s generosity, of course…..but totally mostly boo), who nominated me for it in the first place.


So, as part of our annual Friendsmas celebration (that’s right, guys – we do Friendsgiving AND Friendsmas, because we don’t half-ass our boo-lidays – no sirree!), I wined and dined my girl at the datiest and most romantic of Argentian steakhouses where we exchanged awesome fucking gifts and had $200 worth of beef and chicken empanadas, fried octopus things, a New York Strip Steak each, a side of potatoes, churros, and milk and cookies. It was the kind of meal only champion eaters like us could decently put away while still managing to smile afterwards, like this:

2015-12-29 22.22.52

Thank you, James Patterson.

Also, this has nothing to do with this post, but FISTICUP POWER! (Fisticup courtesy of da boo!)

2015-12-31 21.56.20

Kick the new year’s ass, dudes!
– Jayne

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