Mixtape Friday (On Saturday!): 7.19.14

So, I’ve decided to do something a little different with Mixtape Fridays from now on. Instead of thematic playlists, it’s going to look like this:

Jayne II lo res

For when washing the dishes by hand makes you feel like a pilgrim…

…Hank Williams III’s “Straight to Hell” will make you feel like you’re back to a point and place and in time where dishwashers were just a fetus in the mind’s eye.

For when you’re singing in the shower and you’re pretty sure no one can hear you…

…is the perfect time to start belting the Supremes.

For when some asshole gets on your boo’s case about her political views…

…Anciients will help you kick their ass.

For when a moron asks you where the closest restroom is and then asks, “How far away is it?” after you answer…

…this will express your sentiments perfectly.

For when you see a picture of a disabled dog and proceed to think about it for the whole rest of your day…

…it’s definitely okay to tear up a little bit to this Blind Pilot song.


Did I miss something? Have a suggestion for a future Mixtape Friday topic? Drop us a line, leave us a comment, or tweet @theladybromance and let me know!

Till next Friday,

Turn it up to 11!

– Jayne

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