Is there anything better than daydreaming with your best friend?

I think one of my all-time favorite things to do with my boo, more than eating burgers or marathoning movies, is daydreaming.

Who am I to disagree?
Sweet dreams are made of this.

I think daily life has a good grasp on keeping us grounded in reality (read: crushing dreams) and judging by the number of memes about 20-somethings experiencing some kind of quarter-life crisis, I think we’re not the only ones who sometimes feel that way.

So whenever Jayne and I get together, it’s like therapy. We don’t just eat, listen to rock, and laugh–we encourage each other to imagine and dream. Much like a good book might do.

Yes, I just compared hanging out with my best friend to reading a book. And everyone who reads knows that’s a huge compliment.

Here’s what we’re dreaming about…

Where We’ll Go

There’s probably not enough vacation time in the world for all the trips we’ve got planned. And the fun thing about trip planning with Jayne (besides the fact that we see eye-to-eye on all the scrumptious things we want to try) is that there’s always writing involved.

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The Week in Review: June 9 – June 15, 2014

 Tatiana is…

1Currently eating: A peach. Trying to be good before I devour the cheeseburger I’m going to enjoy while watching USA vs. Ghana in about an hour.

Currently listening to:  Jayne telling me how she has for sure decided to wear shorts this time. After much much deliberation.

Currently wondering:  If that was an earthquake just now or simply the laundry machine going above and beyond the call of duty.

Recently watched: Mean Girls, again. It was a delight to rewatch after all these years, and especially to do so with Jayne as part of our movie marathon. Plus, now I can read all those Buzzfeed lists and feel all hip and in the know.

Recently discovered: That my immune system doesn’t respect me.

Recently agonized over: The fact that I get sick whenever I travel somewhere far and how that puts a damper on vacation plans.

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Packing for a Retreat: What’s In Our Luggage

If you couldn’t tell, Jayne and I are really freaking excited about Cottage Week. So much so that we’ve already begun packing, a solid 5 days before the big day. And while piles of clothes and summer dresses are going to take up most of the space in our luggage, a huge portion of space will be devoted to entertainment. Here’s what we pack to keep the good times rolling (in no particular order).

1. Movies

The top priority are the most bromantic movies that accurately express how we feel about each other (SuperbadBill and Ted, I Love You, Man). We’ll be booping each other on the nose before the week is through.

Next, a whole slew of bitchin’ ’80s films like Back to the Future and Risky Business to remind us of the important things in life–like friendship, hijinks, and the importance of excellent accessories.

Finally, we always bring a bunch of really badass movies like Reservoir Dogs and The Boondock Saints because sometimes you need to get pumped up watching them to remember that you’re both a lover and a fighter.

2. Books

Our assortments of books differ, so I can’t speak in detail about what Jayne packs. What I can say is that we both bring a variety of books to read for pleasure.

And I do mean “variety.”

But besides the books we’re going to be reading for the hell of it, which usually include everything from classic literature to YA, we also bring a whole bunch of books for reference. For example, I always bring a book of Neruda’s poems (there’s the lover in me) because this is, after all, a writing retreat and sometimes I need to reference a poem or just check it out for inspiration. And that becomes a whole big second stack of books.

“Oh, but Tatiana, why don’t you just Google it?”

“Because I’m not a fucking philistine and I prefer the feel of a real book, even if it means an extra couple of pounds in my luggage.” Continue reading…

The Week in Review: May 26 – June 1, 2014

 Tatiana is…

IMAG0593Currently eating: A pizza of the cheesiest variety.

Currently listening to:  My sort of eclectic travel mix (cause guess what? I’m traveling), which includes music by Adriano Celentano (my old school homeboy and the reason I decided to learn Italian), Matisyahu (my other homeboy and one of the few celebrities that I actually admire as human beings), and Massive Attack (for when I wanna get weird).

Currently wondering:  Why the weather in San Francisco always insists on getting nice when I leave town? Can’t everyone else just suffer in gloomy fog and be jealous of me? Is that too much to ask for?!

Recently watched: Neighbors. Was left impressed by Dave Franco’s (is that his name?) impression of De Niro and by Zac Efron’s acting. Yes, ahem, his acting. No, seriously though–that guy cracks me up.

Recently discovered: How parting isn’t sweet sorrow at all. It’s just damn sorrow. Fuck you, Shakespeare. What do you know?! 

Recently agonized over: How long it’ll be until I get to see my best boo again. Too long.

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