Mixtape Friday: Road Trip Songs

With our annual writing retreat a little less than a month away, T and I are already preparing for the two weeks’ worth of debauchery that inevitably goes down during our beloved small town escape. There’s a pit-stop to BevMo already scheduled (for Schofferhofer, obviously!), inaugural first night meals (knowing us, it will probably be burgers) and drinks on the horizon (I have a very special bottle of Rosé specifically for the occasion, cuz I’m a classy broad), and,  of course, the building of the legendary Road Trip Playlist.

It's not a real road trip till I put my '80s sunglasses on.
It’s not a real road trip till I put my ’80s sunglasses on.

T and I started this playlist during our first writing retreat – which, as you may remember, had us battling totally non-imaginary psycho killers and larger than life mice (#LivermoreNeverForget) – and it’s been growing ever since. We revamp it and reboot it before every trip away to account for new musical discoveries (In This Moment, son!) and changes in taste, but for all its various incarnations over the past few years, the following songs seem to remain the true staples of our drive down, and always get the job done of pumping us up for glory!

1. “Born to be Wild” – Steppenwolf

No lyrics have ever been as road trip appropriate as the ones in this song (“heavy metal thunder” is my favorite part…because it’s so fuckin apt and also would make an EXCELLENT name for a band!). Get your motor running, guys! (And then watch Easy Rider because that shit is awesome.)

2. “Slow Ride”- Foghat

T always says she feels like a total goober – and loves every second of it – whenever she listens to this song, but cruising along down a long, winding road (especially if you kind of just blow past the mild sexual connotations) just BEGS to have Foghat as a soundtrack. (I also love to slip on my blue metallic ’80s sunglasses and bob my head coolly as I drape an arm across the open car window – because that’s how we OG’s like to roll!)

3. “Passenger” – Deftones

Chino Moreno is a genius. Period. Endstop. (Really. That’s all.)

4. “Lust for Life” – Iggy Pop

The fact that this was used in every car commercial I ever heard while growing up probably subliminally taught me to forever associate it with the road (and also with Trainspotting).

5. “Reptilectric”- Zoé

One of my favorites of T’s half of our playlist. I have no idea what the hell it’s about or what the dude is saying (not a wiz with languages like my multilingual boo), but whatever it is must be something beautiful as fuck because whenever this song starts playing, I always take to gazing dreamily out of the window.

6. “Take Me Home Tonight” – Eddie Money

Because – to borrow T’s phrase – we’re babies of the ’80s at heart and for some reason all the songs from the era seem perfect for belting shamelessly with your best boo.

7. “The Passenger” – Iggy Pop

How can you NOT feel like a bad-ass in a car, riding “through the city’s backsides,” whenever this song starts blasting?


Did I miss something? Have a suggestion for a future Mixtape Friday topic? Drop us a line, leave us a comment, or tweet @theladybromance and let me know!

Till next Friday,

Turn it up to 11!

– Jayne

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