The Boos Are Back in Town!

At approximately 11 AM, T pulled up in front of my house to pick me up for the much-anticipated, much-hyped, and much-raved about Fourth Annual Writing Retreat! And the scene was exactly like you’d imagined – absolutely soundtracked by this song:

We hit the road with our trusty road trip playlist egging us on at full-blast and, after a brief pit-stop for food at a roadside McDonald’s, finally made it to our humble abode (where we will have steak and scalloped potatoes with a movie tonight)!

Because I am a bit taken with my surroundings right now (and with finally being able to commit some debauchery with the best boo), here is a pictorial post, with undoubtedly more bromancery (that’s right, I just made that shit up just now) in the days to come!


Some shittily taken California landscape that makes me unconsciously fantasize about what it’d be like to live in a quiet, rural area in which my closest neighbor is a barn and a tractor.

IMG_20140613_130551 IMG_20140613_130844

When hunger calls, this answers.


Our home for the next two weeks, where T already has the TV turned to the World Cup.

IMG_20140613_160621 IMG_20140613_160616 IMG_20140613_160629

And, of course, a gallery of snack-time wonders.


Also, check out this awesome shirt T brought back for me from Israel! Wearing this shit ALWAYS.


More bromancery on the way!

– Jayne

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